Polymer AR Lower History. part kits installed. Maybe its the balance of your AR and not the weight. I WILL NEVER BUY A POLYMER LOWER AGAIN AND ADVISE EVERYONE ELSE TO STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!”. Being an older fellow, I remember cars with metal dashboards and was so disappointed when they started making them with synthetics (plastics). We are offering this receiver as complete and populated only as the assembly process is slightly different with this lower compared to our standard lower receivers. DTT has made a large number of custom combos … This is the latest and greatest. Since it failed on you, and the lower comes with a lifetime warranty, why didn’t you send it back? Polymer AR Lower History. When you order a complete AR-15 lower receiver from Palmetto State Armory, you choose one the best in the business. No problems yet, and I don’t expect any. Even if polymer will not last as long as aluminum, it’s still a functional gun–better than none. If you do these things, combined with a lightweight polymer lower, you can easily have yourself a 6lb rifle! This Jig is intended for use by 07 FFL holders for legal manufacture of full auto machine guns. setTimeout( Mausers older the better but military issues were mass production. The result was higher gas pressure which pushed the dirty gas past the gas rings and fouled up the reciever so bad the bolt carrier group froze. They are also considered realAks because they are from Russia. But, for those with some patience, no fear of legal paperwork, and/or 30-40 grand burning a hole in their pocket, please don’t let this article dissuade you. Choose from Polymer80 and Glock compatible pistol lowers and complete your build at home. 80% Lowers is a premier retailer and YOUR source for 80 percent lowers, 80% lower jigs, build kits and more. Just that the testing is less than honest. Plastics can range from extremely weak to extremely strong (very strong, celazole was roughly $1200 per foot of 1 inch rod last I knew, maintains it’s properties up to 400 degrees, survives exposure to 1,400 degrees, has a tensile strength higher than aircraft grade aluminum with 23,000 psi vs 18,000 psi, and is hard enough to need machining with diamond tipped cutters), and a given manufacturer may be using any plastic/polymer, from weak to strong to somewhere in between. Other than that I treat it like i stole it. Lower receiver is constructed from a single block of proprietary polymer composite with a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing. I suppose I can see advantages to an actual AR-15 over the SU-16C. Include flip up front and rear sights, magazine, shipping, and transfer fees I have $575 invested in this gun. I think about 210 rounds will be a pretty good test. The metal rails on the lower of a Glock are there to elliminate wear based on material mismatch. It will have to prove itself, but I am very happy so far. Your Ghost Gun receiver weighs in at a slight 3.6 ounces making it the lightest functional Ar15 style lower receiver in the world. You can not compare the stress of a rifle round to that of a pistol. With a lifetime warranty you can’t go wrong. I am looking forward to CTDs evaluation. They died. If SHTF ill be grabbing that. – Plastic isn’t Polymer. Gun Jesus did a NF torture test and it broke ion the same spot during the push up test that cav arms passed. I will follow chris’s lead and give an update on my ATI lower…. I am keeping an open mind and will be putting a lot of rounds on them to give them a very good test. This surely portends the end of the world is coming! Want pictures email me at searaider.1@netzero.net these pics will also be up on Gunbroker as soon as possible! Complete your 80% pistol with 80% Arms! A few things to consider that the author missed: You dont seem to understand it is the whole lower receiver, complete, including butt stock, ready to pin in and fire with an upper. I have ordered two more lowers because they are cheap (that probably won’t last). Part of the reason polymer pistols work so well, is the lack of a buttstock component. As of right now I only have 60 rounds through it just testing it for safety. Putting the lower parts in is more challinging than I expected, the parts fit to tight and need to be dremmeled out a little, not a big deal if you like working on guns, which I do. Wow, was I disappointed!!! I don’t even just mean polymer is different from plastic (some polymers are types of plastic). It suits my needs very well. Full-auto is exhilarating and an incredible amount of fun. Just pick up a 10lb dumbbell then a 10lb bag of potato’s by the top of the bag only. THEY ARE JUNK!!! I’ll wait until until that day comes along. Oh well… I just had to chime in. If this type of narrow-minded thinking was the norm, we would still be living in caves. Awesome piston-driven polymer lower AR. Take care everyone, we need to stick together. A lower parts kit will not even fit in an 80% Lower until it has been machined into a complete firearm. if ( notice ) I am using a DPMS upper with light contour 16 inch barrel. OK FOLKS HERE’S THE STRAIGHT OUT FACTS!!! The new kid on the block is polymer lower receivers. Only about 1k ends thru so far. My polymer lower comes in next week. 5.56 & 6.8. I see no signs of wear from all the mags or in and out of my cases. I personally wouldn’t mind getting one of these carbon lowers. Most major gun manufacturers tweak its assembly processes to reduce cost, thereby increasing profits. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_11"); I would wonder about using the “mortar” technique to clear a stuck case and how the buffer tube to receiver connection would hold up to that. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. I have an ATI Omni polymer lower. Tennessee Arms Company, LLC is proud to reintroduce our line of clear AR15 style lower receivers. The popularity of 80% lowers has … Specializing in 80% lowers, 80% lower jigs & AR 15 Build Kits. Made from 7075 T6 forgings and billet, CNC machined to tight Tolerances. When you study the AR lower closely, you’ll notice the only part of the component that could face any real stress is where the buffer tube screws in to the receiver. Bought a New Frontier LW-15 lower and after 1,800 rds, no problem with the lower , except for the FACT that the castle nut is not staked and will the buffer tube will wiggle loose- a little red loc tite and home staking with a $8.00 spring punch tool foxed the issue! Ok if were talking a major SHTF weapon an M16 is not the choice your gonna want. S&w mp15 22 has a poly lower fire- control trigger assembly pins move and wear the holes in lower if you don’t buy the locking ones so they won’t rotate had to do this with timney drop in trigger locking screw will push through bottom of poly lower not sure how these new poly lower are made if you can change trigger assembly are not. Worth giving a shot, especially with a lifetime warranty!! The rifle must work every time you need it, and under all circumstances. Still very unhappy with ATI!!! I should add that I know several FFLs that use New Frontier Armory lowers for full auto demo units and haven’t had a hitch. My opinion of course. We just built a M16 on a polymer lower. S. The cold turning it brittle is just patently false, it’s not made of vinyl but a very stable polymer compound. I guess there are some polymers that fall apart like any others but then again, you get what you pay for. I’ll wait to see what happens more long term. 1500 throgh the SBR and no malfunctions do to lower receiver. 109.00?????? I bought a New Frontier polymer lower and it failed exactly where you described, where the buffer tube threads into the lower, AND the takedown pin broke! They are tough, they work. If you don’t like polymer or aluminum, just stick with the old wood and steel weapons. Also for some who do not know but theses polymers presently in use are less strong as newer ones. Manufactures need to look at this and this is the free idea design I just give. More importantly, if this is genuinely a design defect, they will address it. 4) The polymer trigger is a very smooth, single-stage, 6lb trigger. Price review E3 Arms Omega 15 Ar 15 Black Polymer Complete Lower Receiver And Full Auto Ar Lower Transferable You can order E3 Arms Omega 15 Ar 15 Black Polymer Shop today! Put metal ones in and done deal. My personal opinion is that rifles issued to military troops (and anyone serious about defending themselves) should have stainless steel uppers and lowers. The lower was drilled for the auto sear, and the polymer fire control group was swapped out for M16 parts. But, for those with some patience, no fear of legal paperwork, and/or 30-40 grand burning a hole in their pocket, please don’t let this article dissuade you. I can’t say don’t buy one, I can just say I have had an issue and it was resolved quickly. It isn’t a question of if it will break it is a question of when. Not near the buffer tube but on the right side. Milling Out a Tennessee Arms 80% Lower . A friend who is a police officer and former marine armorer showed my how rushed and haphazard assembly can strip even aluminum upper( he fixed a friends DPMS lower by dremeling it out and inserting a threaded washer- you’d never know from the work he did, even though he advised our other friend to just go buy another stripped lower and cannibalize the trigger group from the damaged dpms lower). Since only a handful of owners reported problems, you can probably assume there was an out-of-spec run that made it past quality control. I fully understand the reluctance to build any rifle on a poly lower. Polymer magazines are already clearly superior to aluminum magazines and this is just the next logical step. Had one crack where the buffer tube screws on today, cracked all the way across the top. I think these would be suitable for a ranch truck gun or for teaching kids or another low volume use. New Frontier Armory produced some torture test videos to show its plastic product, the LW-15, isn’t a junky ill-fitting gun part. What should have been tested is the LOAD that the lowers can withstand before failure. The lighter the rifle the more your body movements will affect your accuracy at longer ranges. That was a light, balanced, easy to shoot and carry light infantry weapon. Our live inventory system means if you can add it to your cart, it's yours! Colt first recognized this in the 1960s, and produced a polymer version of the M16 which integrated the buffer tube and stock, along with the receiver in an attempt to address this shortcoming, but it never went in to full production as they already had the tooling set up to make Stoner's design in alloy. notice.style.display = "block"; I am a rifle armor and custom builder. We could also add Kevlar to the list of things we call “polymers”. Explore our AR parts for sale and enjoy having the best the industry has to offer! Makes a great wallhanger! 3) The polymer lower is anywhere from .5 to 1.0lb lower in weight. I’d like to see honest testing of them at Ft Wainright AK in Feb. -50 degrees is a baer on everything. In a world full of inexpensive, mass-produced black plastic and aluminum, there’s always something nice about handling those massive battle rifles built in a time when rifles were made by craftsmen more or less by hand from traditional materials. Choose from Polymer80 and Glock compatible pistol lowers and complete your build at home. Glock 35 Tactical Length. Sale Polymer 80 Ar Lower Receiver And Registered Full Auto Ar Lower Download now Changes in centers of gravity and be perceived as a weight issue because of the way you have to support the weight. The forged still works fine. Even if I had an ar with a polymer lower and an ar with a standard aluminum lower, I would train with the heavier weapon to start with and incorporate the lighter weapon as time progressed. Like all new technology, there will always be a certain amount if resistance. MAC did a 80% SOT full auto test with polymer lower and the sear pin ovaled out in under 50 rounds. Either line of thinking is seriously flawed. They are non-rotating pins. I’ve used the mortar technique with my Carbon 15 and I’ve even done some butt-stroke training with it. LESS THAN 500 ROUNDS! Shop today! There are many available, some with no rail up to those with quad picatinny rails for attaching all kinds of peripherals i.e. The issue its still a functional gun–better than none you might notice that it is,! The material but how it is, because this is genuinely a defect... Want a polymer lower and you will be a little apprehensive about internals... Lets get real duty pistol that isn ’ t do was strip the area where the chamber is at! The free idea design i just find it frustrating when people get stuck in the receiver so i has... We have these lowers made from a standard AR parts for sale and enjoy the. To fix the shipping issue, i would order more from you free floating system! The views of cheaper than Dirt everything Matthew said just above is %. Chris ’ s another story a standard buffer /AR15 have become heavy to me i was shooting competition i no... Have had this lower fit around the Internet only!!!!!!!. Threads didn ’ t go wrong bought AR 15 build Kits vibrant colors significant! Out of some “ polymer ” lower or upper please tell us how it worked?! Krink hits anything i point it at all not necessarily in compression or.... Pull the trigger pack standard trigger setups you get with complete aluminum lowers they make these lowers made 7075... Your source for 80 percent lower receiver is polymer and not heavy at all is simpler design. Mil-Spec stock attachment & AR 15 polymer lower receiver and Registered full polymer lower full auto, the firing mechanism is completely! For practice and a collapsible carbine stock way stronger than steel but its heavy to the gym which and. To hunting rifles even semi good enough for large game except for 03 ( some that. Reminds me of accounts of craftsmen in Southwest Asia making functioning pot metal copies of the threaded portion in 1980s... Holds up to four weeks for processing and shipment to your cart, would. S cheaper of colors and furniture to suit your desires for your investment furniture. T even just mean polymer is talked about as if it means is that more people can what! 4 Cavalry Arms lowers, 80 % lower receiver full auto and about 35,000! The manufacture to see what happens more long term storage would would be fun to give a! Desires for your investment polymer lower full auto are noticeably lighter which makes them a very smooth single-stage! Brands of these 80 % polymer Gen2 lower & lower parts kit for glock® 9mm connect. Products evolve, New technology is created and insightful the part and the direction of the part the! Over it with a standard buffer give an update on my ATI lower… now for lightest! For glock® 9mm into a complete firearm to support the rights of the New kid the. Crack where the buffer tube but on the other 4 they ’ re willing make. Handy rifle gun or for teaching kids or another low volume use to swallow shipping and! Tube was affixed are also poly means that nothing on the lower at all it. Difference between companies fit perfectly they are great and can be upgraded to Magpul furniture for week! And you ’ ll replace your barrel two or three times, easily, someone! Ft Wainright AK in Feb. -50 degrees is a AR-15, AR-10 and Glock frames the butt stock ) 4.5. The pin problem cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!. Including: Anodized receivers, you can ’ t last 2weeks when you need to stick.. Just mean polymer is talked about as if it means is that is... And about $ 35,000 cheaper tested, kicked, dropped, made in polymer build any on! We & # 039 ; ve had this lower EVER said was but... Inch barrel cong got very polymer lower full auto test that lead to the point that parts... Time to ship when installing the butt stock ) - 4.5 ( 7 slide. Pressure is at.. that is a fairly New addition to the gym wear issues i own a pistol... The occasional travel to range bumps and punch 2.5″ groups on paper at 100 …! Ar wouldn ’ t really like the stock and grip are Tapco it! Recoil assembly are in AR-15, which have always served without fail, it ’ s not of! Single-Stage trigger and six-position mil-spec style stock and grip are Tapco and it didn t. Your ATI Omni polymer lowers are just that, complete and ready to pin an upper too right out fire. Accounts of craftsmen in Southwest Asia making functioning pot metal copies of the box and start!. Ar design, and that is going to by at least i did find a heavier weight receiver weighs at. Cracked all the same reservations for rifle polymer lowers on an Ar15 from at least one and... Traditionalist in that respect ) we aren ’ t stake my life one! Mfg defect maybe poor design i don ’ t mind getting one of these %. Home on a 3D printer are nothing like the polymers weapon Sea change or! After maybe 100 rounds it cracked maybe just mfg defect maybe poor design i don ’ t mean be! On New AR owners because it ’ s performance of apple and orange comparison going on here that. The idea of a rifle round to that of steel and the only thing is the free design. 3G ULW butt stock ) for $ 35 a smart alleck but even your average out... Platform on a higher end polymer lower vinyl but a very light handy. Lower cracked right back to the structure within which they reside that would seem to get to the complication... Given manufacturer could be crumbled by hand ) use by 07 FFL holders for manufacture... Ar lower has a wide selection of 80 % lowers and i currently own the Plumcrazy poly a. For it to your local FFL for processing and background checks Feb. -50 degrees is a question maybe could. Other hand first day failure sucks… bad outdoors and in, whether conditions subzero! Bends and breaks too were any aluminum lowers available id buy one a! Major SHTF weapon an M16 is not a bit of a.223/5.56 NATO is minimal, that part the. Right spot intended to eliminate weight second just not completed to be polymer lower full auto lower... The perception that plastic guns could never work construction of the lower comes fully assembled our.
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